The vision of The Light was given to me the same year I gave my life to Christ.- January 10, 1993 as a teenager. I fell in a trance in the congregation of the saints under the high praise worship of the most high God. In the trance, I saw myself standing (with my right hand lifted up) before a massive crowd melted under the praise of God, compelling them to Christ. From that time till now, the vision has remained ever fresh in my memory...

The Lord made it so clear to me that He has put in my hand two tools to reach out for Him - Music and Evangelism. After seeking the face of God for clarity and validity of the vision, in 1995, I formed my team - The Light Singers (we sing and preach Christ) with four young persons with which I started the move according to the vision. In a short while, the group increased in number.

I started by training them in the light of what God has shown me. We train musically and evangelically. Before January 1993, I had no musical nor evangelical knowledge. But two, three months after, I was already playing in both, having been taught by the Holy Spirit. As I received the training from the Holy Spirit, I trained others.

I also enrolled in a seminary and theology school to equip myself. There is no part of Lagos, Nigeria where we started that have not felt our impact in both music and evangelism. In 2015, we stepped into mission and have covered the different geographical zones of Nigeria - North, South, East and West. We have also started moving into other African Nations from this year 2017. Our target is to reach the entire world with the vision and mission of the light of the world - Jesus Christ!


To sacrificially move the gospel to where it most matters in every nook and cranny of the earth and win souls. To establish the praise of God in our generation with a difference and win souls.


Making soul winning a personal, family and ministry culture. Building, equipping and motivating kingdom soldiers. Standing out as an example in the gospel music industry and engaging into serious training to shape mindset.


On May 23rd, 1999, The Light Musical Evangelical Ministry was formally inaugurated. In year 2010 the name changed to The Light Outreach Ministry (A.k.A. The Light Musical Evangelical Ministry.) We are a group of individuals completely sold out for kingdom business. ( Luke 2:49). Our vision is centered on soul winning and establishing souls for God's kingdom.

We have two major aspects - The Light Musical and The Light Evangelical. Each aspects has five subdivisions as listed below.

The Executive Member